HoneyBadger Increases Canadian Footprint as Bitcoin Reaches an Unprecedented High

HoneyBadger Bitcoin ATMs provide fast, functional and fearless access to cryptocurrencies so Canadians can safely and securely empower their portfolio.

Bitcoin surpassed $23,000 USD for the first time ever and it’s continuing to surge. After weeks of trading around $19,000 USD – close to the previous all-time high in 2017 – Bitcoin’s moment to shine could not be contained as the cryptocurrency tripled its value this year. This revelation coincides with the news that One River Digital Asset Management investments have taken a massive $600 million USD position in Bitcoin, with commitments of up to $1 billion USD in Bitcoin and Ethereum by 2021.

As cryptocurrency has continued to grow in popularity, the team at HoneyBadger Inc. has followed suit with several new installations of Bitcoin kiosks across the country, providing effortless and secure access to this global monetary system. “We believe in making Bitcoin accessible to everyone,” explains General Manager, Mike Kitt. “As it becomes more mainstream, we want to ensure that people in all communities, not just large investors, have access to this system.” The company has been rapidly growing with over 125 kiosks and several more ready to launch in 2021.

After setting up a digital wallet – with as little as twenty dollars and a mobile phone – users can simply visit a local HoneyBadger kiosk to start buying and selling Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum within minutes. Bitcoin allows users to store its value, make payments and exchange digital currency across the globe, and it’s not as complicated as some might think. “It’s a currency that works on the Internet. So, it enables people to send value or Bitcoin to other people. It’s a lot like an email, it works anywhere on earth and doesn’t matter where you are or what country you’re in,” as Kitt describes it. HoneyBadger ATMs provide a straightforward way for Bitcoin beginners to get started, and there is seemingly no better time to jump on the bandwagon. The continued rise follows a slew of other notable investors and major institutions publicly reporting large bitcoin purchases such as Paul Tudor Jones, Stan Drukenmiller, Square Inc., MicroStrategy, Mass Mutual and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. As public companies continue to add Bitcoin to their balance sheet, it adds validity to Bitcoin becoming a strong alternative to fiat currencies, and proves that there is strong potential to ultimately evolve into the main form of currency. For questions about cryptocurrency, email HoneyBadger support staff or call (1) 604-787-1220.

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