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      How it works

      Get Started In A Few Minutes

      Cryptocurrency Wallet
      1. Prepare Your Crypto Wallet

      Ensure you have a crypto wallet app on your phone. Download one from your app store or temporarily use our Custody Wallet.

      Digital Wallet
      2. Verify Your Account

      Complete SMS verification for your phone number. For purchases exceeding $1,000, complete KYC verification for added security.

      Insert Cash
      3. Insert Cash & Select Crypto

      After viewing the exchange rate and fees, input the desired cash amount for your cryptocurrency purchase. Select the cryptocurrency you wish to buy.

      Buy Bitcoin
      4. Finalize Transaction

      Scan your crypto wallet's QR code at the ATM to complete the transaction. You'll receive instant confirmation, and your coins will typically arrive within 1-2 hours (with variations).

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      Advantages of HoneyBadger ATMs

      Effortless Experience

      Buying Bitcoin through our user-friendly ATMs takes mere minutes to set up. Enjoy top-tier security without the lengthy setup process.

      Versatile Buying Options

      Whether you're new to crypto or an experienced trader, our platform is designed to suit your needs. You can make purchases anywhere between $20 and $20,000.

      Wide Accessibility

      Our network of 200+ ATMs spans across Canada, ensuring easy access in small towns and big cities alike.


      Be sure to bring the following for a seamless transaction: 

      • Mobile phone: You must complete SMS verification through your phone number before making a purchase. 
      • Cash: Our ATMs only accept Canadian cash – specifically only Canadian bills, not coins.
      • Crypto Wallet: Your digital wallet allows you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency securely.
      • Photo ID: For purchases over $1,000, you must complete KYC verification by uploading an image of a government-issued photo identification.

      Yes, in order to buy cryptocurrencies at our ATMs, online, or through our OTC desk, you must have a cryptocurrency wallet, a digital bank account that allows you to store, send, and receive cryptocurrency securely. Your cryptocurrency wallet will have a wallet address, a 32 to 64-character-long alphanumeric string which is a unique identifier used to receive and send cryptocurrencies. Learn more in our Bitcoin Wallet Guide.

      Currently, you can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin at our ATMs.

      HoneyBadger ATMs only accept Canadian cash – specifically only Canadian bills, not coins. Our ATMs do not accept foreign currencies, debit, or credit.

      The maximum transaction limit within 24 hours is $20,000 for security reasons, preventing fraud and ensuring legality.

      Typically, you will see your purchased cryptocurrency appear in your cryptocurrency wallet within one hour, but this will vary due to blockchain confirmation times. If you do not receive your coins within 24 hours, please contact our support team at or 1-855-499-1149.

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