What services do HoneyBadger provide? +

HoneyBadger is a network of cryptocurrency vending machines - kiosks that facilitate the purchase and sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You can buy cryptocurrency with cash or sell cryptocurrency for cash instantly. At this time we do not provide in-person or online brokerage services and remittance services.

HoneyBadger also offers a crypto-backed lending program. Using Bitcoin as collateral, borrow Canadian Dollars without having to sell your precious coins.

What is Bitcoin? +

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that allows you to buy and sell goods without the use of traditional financial institutions. It allows for instant and secure transfers across the globe in a peer-to-peer fashion. Watch this video to learn more.

How do I set up a Bitcoin wallet? +

Please note you need a Bitcoin wallet set up prior to using our kiosks. There are many Bitcoin wallets available to use. For mobile, we recommend Bitcoin Wallet (Android), Mycelium (Android & iOS), Samourai (Android - alpha version), GreenBits (Android & iOS), Airbitz (Android & iOS). For desktop wallets, we recommend Electrum or Multibit. Advanced users may use the bitcoin reference client that can act as a wallet as well. For more options please visit bitcoin.org.

What fees do you charge? +

HoneyBadger kiosks have a volume-based tiered fee structure. Current rates are updated live and are based on the BitcoinAverage price index.

Please note our current rates are subject to change due to market conditions. We also may charge an additional flat fee to cover any mining fees for small scale transactions (typically for transactions $100 or under).

What cryptocurrencies do you support? +

At this time we support Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

How do I purchase cryptocurrency using a HoneyBadger kiosk? +

Please make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet and QR code prepared before using a kiosk. To purchase cryptocurrency, please follow the instructions on the screen:

1 - Select "Buy Coins"
2 - Choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase
3 - Have your receiving address ready. The kiosk will scan your address if it's in the QR-code format only.
4 - Insert bills
5 - Click "Done". The cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet instantly. Sometimes transactions are delayed if the cryptocurrency network is congested.
6 - The kiosk will print a receipt. Please keep it for your records

How do I sell cryptocurrency for cash using a HoneyBadger kiosk? +

Please make sure you have a cryptocurrency wallet ready prior to using a kiosk. To sell cryptocurrency, please follow the instructions on the screen:

1 - Select "Sell Coins"
2 - Choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell
3 - Select the amount from the options displayed or enter a custom amount.
4- The kiosk will display a QR-code with HoneyBadger's receiving address and the amount to send. Make sure to send cryptocurrency in the amount exactly as shown on the screen. Failure to do so will delay your transaction.
5 - The kiosk will dispense cash. You may need to wait for 2+ network confirmations (10 minutes on average) before cash is dispensed. You will be able to receive your cash by redeeming it at a later time if confirmations are taking longer. The redemption code is displayed on the receipt. Please make sure to keep your receipt in order to receive your funds.

How do I redeem cash at a HoneyBadger kiosk? +

Sometimes cash is not dispensed instantly. This may happen for various reasons, such as sending an incorrect amount of cryptocurrency or due to the network being congested. You will get a receipt with a redemption code displayed on it. Follow these instructions to redeem your cash:

1 - Select "Redeem" on the screen
2 - Enter your redemption code as displayed on the receipt
3 - Cash will be dispensed immediately

I have purchased cryptocurrency but it doesn't show up in my wallet. When will I receive it? +

Sometimes, due to network congestion or security concerns, transactions may be delayed up to several hours. Please keep your receipt and contact our support team at support@badgercoin.com if you haven't received your cryptocurrency within 12 hours of the purchase.

I have sold cryptocurrency using a HoneyBadger kiosk but never got the cash. What do I do? +

Normally, cash is dispensed very quickly (2 network confirmations) or within a few minutes. Below are the common reasons for cash not being dispensed:

-You may have sent an incorrect amount of cryptocurrency. Make sure to send cryptocurrency in the amount exactly as shown on the screen
-The cryptocurrency network is congested resulting in delayed transactions. Please keep your receipt to redeem the cash at a later time
-Your wallet failed to send the transaction. Please refresh your wallet software to double-check the transaction status
-Our kiosk had a connection issue during the transaction. Please keep your receipt, if available, and contact our support team at support@badgercoin.com

I have been asked to send bitcoin for a job offer, to the CRA or to someone I may not know or I am being threatened. What do I do?+

If someone you do not know is asking you to send the money or is threatening you to send bitcoin saying that....

-You owe taxes to the CRA / Government
-They will report you and have you and/or a family member deported, hurt or reported to the police
-A job offer where you are required to recieve funds to a personal bank account, withdraw cash and spend it at a Bitcoin Kiosk
-You are buying an item online that does not have buyer protection (Kijiji, Craigslist etc.) and the seller wants to be paid in Bitcoin
-Someone you met online claims they are in trouble or needs money

You are very likely being scammed and could become a victim of fraud! DO NOT SEND BITCOIN TO ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW! Contact your local police right away or our support team at support@badgercoin.com

Bitcoin transactions are permanent, irreversible and provide no buyer protection. When sending funds using cryptocurrency to a wallet you do not control, you are risking your own money.


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