Privacy Policy

At HoneyBadger, safeguarding your privacy is a fundamental commitment. We take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information, ensuring its confidentiality and security. Rest assured that we will never sell your personal information.

1. Personal Information

In this Privacy Policy, “personal information” refers to personally identifiable data, encompassing details such as your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, identification, and credit card information. It’s important to note that personal information excludes anonymous information that lacks any personally identifying elements. Our obligations related to personal information do not cover information that is publicly accessible.

2. Consent

By utilizing our Services, you grant consent for us to use your personal information in accordance with the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. You retain the option to withdraw your consent or decline to provide personal information at any time. However, be aware that such actions may restrict or prevent your use of our Services.

3. Use of Personal Information

Certain personal information is indispensable for the use of our Services and the execution of transactions, along with related functions. We collect information to confirm and authenticate customers’ identities, process transactions and payments, and engage in communication with customers. This includes notifying customers of any transaction-related errors, issues, or refunds. We also collect data regarding Service usage for statistical and data analytics purposes, always ensuring that personal information remains confidential.

HoneyBadger may share your personal information with our partners and service providers, primarily for purposes such as client verification, credit and background checks, payment processing, and customer support. It’s important to note that the servers used by us and our partners and service providers are not exclusively located in Canada, which means your information may be accessible to government agencies in the respective server locations. This applies regardless of any safeguards we implement to protect your personal information.

Third parties that may have access to your personal information due to their involvement in providing services will be subject to contractual restrictions. These restrictions prohibit them from using personal information for any purpose beyond the scope of their engagement.

Moreover, in certain situations, HoneyBadger may be obligated to disclose personal information to fulfill our MSB obligations or comply with requests from public authorities, including law enforcement agencies. Such disclosures are made in good faith and in adherence to applicable laws.

4. Communications Confidentiality

All information exchanged between you and HoneyBadger, including but not limited to online chats, text (SMS, Instant Messenger, or other), emails, phone conversations, and attachments, is considered confidential. Any unauthorized use, review, retransmission, dissemination, copying, or other handling of this information by individuals or entities other than the intended recipient is strictly prohibited.

5. Cost of Cryptocurrencies

Payments for our Services, including cryptocurrency purchases or sales, are conducted in Canadian Dollars (fiat). In addition to the cryptocurrency spot rate posted, HoneyBadger applies a fee to cover operational expenses. Spot rates are updated in real-time, and the final transaction price includes the rate plus the fee. Our online platform adopts a fixed fee structure, while HoneyBadger ATMs employ a tiered fee structure based on transaction amounts in Canadian Dollars. Using HoneyBadger Services does not involve paying duties or taxes; however, tax implications may arise from cryptocurrency transactions, and you are solely responsible for calculating, reporting, and remitting any applicable taxes in your jurisdiction. Please note that our current fees are subject to change without prior notice.

6. Payment Terms

All cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible once processed on the blockchain. No refunds are issued after transaction completion.

Cryptocurrencies are sent to the designated wallet address only after full account verification.

HoneyBadger may batch transactions at specific intervals to reduce fees and optimize blockchain network data loads.

Withdrawals require a minimum of 2 bitcoin blockchain confirmations or an equivalent before fiat currency (in Canadian Dollars) is released.

7. Problem Resolution and Mediation

Any issues or concerns related to our Services can be resolved by contacting our Customer Service center through the provided contact details below. Please refrain from directing inquiries to individual employees or social media accounts, as these channels will not receive responses.


Phone: +1-855-499-1149

8. Governing Law

This Privacy Policy is governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, and federal laws of Canada applicable therein. The conflicts of laws and rules of the Province of British Columbia are not considered in this governance.