HoneyBadger COVID-19 Response

Due to the increasing gravity of the covid-19 situation across Canada and the world, we at HoneyBadger would like to inform our valuable customers and partners what our kiosk availability will be.

We will be keeping as many of our machines on and running as possible.

However, due to the nature of our business, we do not have control over the locations our kiosks are located inside of. We are keeping in close contact with all of our partners to know which sites are open, have reduced/changed hours or have closed already.

We are recommending all of our customers check our partner location websites for open hours or closures.

They will have the most up-to-date information. For example: if you’d like to visit Grant Park Mall in Winnipeg, MB – please view https://www.grantparkshoppingcentre.com

We will make every effort to let you buy or sell cryptocurrencies during this time. Whether you’re buying the dip, would like to sell coins for cash as a backup for extended quarantine, or need a loan for cash using your bitcoin as collateral – HoneyBadger has your back.

Please visit www.badgercoin.com for a list of all our locations If you need any support, please reach us at:



If you’d like a cash loan, using your crypto as collateral please contact us at:



As a final note — we would like all our customers to be confident using our machines. On every visit to a kiosk, we have a team of professionals clean down anything touchable at the kiosk with disinfectant wipes.

Stay safe out there, keep yourself clean and we can get through this together.


All the best,


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