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Sell at ATM

How to Sell Crypto at a HoneyBadger Bitcoin ATM

Step 1: Select Sell Coins

At the HoneyBadger ATM home screen, select Sell Coins

  1. Select the amount of cash you want to sell / withdraw
  2. Enter your phone number
  3. Input the SMS verification code sent to your phone
  4. Choose the cryptocurrency you wish to sell (Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin)
  5. Choose how much cash you want to receive.
    • Don’t see the amount you want? Click “other” to  enter a custom amount. Must be in denominations of $20
    • A QR code will appear on the HoneyBadger ATM screen. Scan this code to send us the exact amount of coins posted on screen
    • Coin value sent to HoneyBadger must match exactly. Eg. if the kiosk requests 0.00042 btc to withdraw $20, we must receive 0.00042 btc or your transaction will require intervention
    More Details
    • There is a 2-minute window for you to scan and send us coins. If the screen times out before you send us coins, the transaction will expire. In this case, create a new “Sell Coins” transaction
    • *The coin value required is separate from any mining or gas fees, which must be paid by you. Using the above example, the total cost of your transaction would be 0.00042000 BTC + 0.00002039 BTC for associated mining fees. MINING FEES CANNOT BE CALCULATED OR INCLUDED IN THE REQUESTED NUMBER OF COINS TO BE SENT
    • Mining fees determine how long it takes your transaction to be “confirmed”. If you need your cash right away, select the “fast” or highest network fee in your wallet. This does not guarantee the speed

    Step 2: Send Us Coins From Your Wallet

    Open your Bitcoin Wallet and depending on your app select “Send” or “Transfer”.

    1. Your wallet will open your phone’s camera. Use this to scan the QR code on screen.
    2. Most wallets will auto-insert the coins required and mining fees for you.
    3. Ensure the “sending” amount in your wallet exactly matches the “required” amount on the kiosk screen, displayed above the big QR code.
    4. Choose your network (mining) fees. *
    5. Hit “send” in your wallet.
    6. Ensure there has been a deduction of coins from your wallet.
    7. Select “Bitcoins Have Been Sent” on kiosk screen.
    8. Take your receipt.

    *All blockchain sales are subject to mining fees which are your responsibility. The rate you choose will depend on the length of time to confirm on the network. Withdrawals require 1 confirmation before cash is dispensed. 1 bitcoin confirmation happens approximately every 10 minutes. If you need your cash right away, select the “fast” or highest network fee in your wallet. Fees and confirmation times vary depending on network conditions so please carefully check the cost and estimated time.

    More Details

    • Occasionally, blockchain networks experience delays, which are out of HoneyBadger’s control. Please be mindful of this as you wait. If your transaction is taking longer than 2 hours, contact support for assistance

    Step 3 - Get A Redemption Code, Wait for Network Confirmation

    1. Take your receipt from the machine, this contains your Redemption Code.
    2. You will also receive an SMS confirming your deposit or requesting more coins.
    3. Once network confirmations are reached, you will receive an SMS stating your cash is ready to be redeemed.
    More Details
    • Please send the exact decimal number of coins shown on screen, not the dollar amount equivalent. Any discrepancy will result in a delayed or cancelled transaction
    • Using the above example, the total cost of your transaction would be 0.00042000 BTC + 0.00002039 BTC for associated network (mining) fees
    • The coin value required is separate from any network fees, which must be paid by you. Network fees are separate from the requested number of coins to be sent
    • Withdrawals incur a processing fee
    • Additional fees may apply when withdrawing from exchanges or certain wallets

    Step 4 - Redeem your Cash!

    Return to the ATM. Select Redeem on the home screen

    1. Enter your phone number and SMS verification code.
    2. Enter the Redemption Code from your receipt.
    3. Your cash will be dispense from the machine.

    More Details

    • Redemption codes are valid only at the original location the sale took place. If you need to transfer your redemption code to another machine, please contact customer support.
    • Redemption codes are valid for 30 days. Please contact customer support if your redemption code is older than 30 days to receive a new code
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