DevOps Engineer

One of Canada’s largest networks of bitcoin kiosks is seeking to hire a part-time contract DevOps Engineer.

HoneyBadger was founded in 2016 when we launched our first kiosk in Vancouver, BC. Today with over 200 locations nationally, we have become Canada’s fastest growing and most reliable network of cryptocurrency kiosks. Like the famous honey badger, we think Bitcoin is badass.

DevOps Engineer:

We are seeking a skilled DevOps Engineer with expertise in cloud platforms such as AWS and GCP, proficiency in the nginx webserver, and a strong background in Linux (Debian/Ubuntu). The ideal candidate should have hands-on experience with programming languages including Python and Go, as well as SQL databases such as MariaDB and MySQL.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Utilize Datadog Monitoring for effective monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Employ Terraform/terragrunt for infrastructure as code (IaC) operations.
  • Integrate Prometheus data endpoints with Datadog/Grafana.
  • Manage and monitor blockchains, including Bitcoin (using bitcoin core), Litecoin (using Litecoin core), and Ethereum (using geth and prsym).
  • Implement and integrate RESTful APIs.
  • Oversee CI/CD processes for seamless deployment.

Bonus Skills:

  • Familiarity with Laravel application development, deployment, and operations.
  • Experience in a start-up and/or technology company;
  • Interest and/or experience in cryptocurrency/blockchain field;
  • Fluency in French.
To apply contact us at with your resume and your LinkedIn profile URL.