HoneyBadger Celebrates 2 Year Birthday with 65+ Locations

We began in August 2016 with a dream and vision to be Canada's most reliable and badass network of bitcoin kiosks. 

Based out of British Columbia, we began with 1 kiosk in the Vancouver area before we dove in. The spike of Bitcoin prices that started in May 2017 sent a surge of customers to our fleet of 17 locations at that time. That summer, we added Litecoin and expanded into more regions including Calgary, Montreal and the Greater Toronto Area. When the bitcoin frenzy hit in December 2017, we were operating a fleet of 35 kiosks in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. 

HoneyBadger kiosk fleet as of August 2018

We recognized we were in the largest cities in the country but we wanted more people in Canada to have access to bitcoin and cryptocurrency. With this in mind, we set out to launch in key suburban areas including shopping malls. In July, we added a new province to our list (Manitoba) and a record 15+ locations!

Our new cities include: 





See our full list of locations here

From coast to coast, we cover 7 provinces, 34 cities, 66 locations, and 5,897kms! Our goal has always been to provide our customers a safe, fast and a friendly name they can count on in the bitcoin space. This month we celebrate our 2 year birthday since we launched. We have seen the highs and lows (#HODL) and we are ready for the next adventure. 

Like the honey badger we don't give up.

Thank you to our customers, the bitcoin community and partners!

#HoneyBadgerBirthday #tothemoon

- HoneyBadger Team

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