What are FOMO-Free Loans?

A loan secured by your digital assets

Crypto Loans
FOMO-Free Loans
Bitcoin Loans

Send your coins to act as collateral in exchange for CAD dollars (you will receive account summaries during the term of your loan for interest payment totals)

Borrow up to 50% of the value of your cryptocurrency.

Pay the full principal and interest balance at the end of term

Why Join Our Lending Program

Crypto-backed Loans from


Financial Expertise

Our team is exceptionally experienced in the financial industry and we are a Canadian owned, operated and federally FINTRAC-regulated company


Strong Financial Backing

We are a strongly capitalized company with no debt


Competitive Rates & Requirements

Our rates are better than the credit card companies, and our collateral terms are favorable to the competition. We also offer automatic prequalification for further drawdown



We offer “Proof of Keys” (check to ensure your BTC is in our possession at any time.) We do not lend out your coins


I would highly recommend this team to other BTC Hodlers who want to leverage their assets as collateral. Why sell a rapidly appreciating asset when you can borrow against its collateralized value – seems like a no-brainer.
Brett, Business Owner & HoneyBadger Lending Customer
They are a great crypto lending service with good rates. Very professional, they hold themselves to the highest standard of integrity and are in good financial standing so you don’t have to worry about them stealing your coins.
Chris, Business Owner, Trader & Lending Client


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